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Shift from Transaction to Interaction by informationexcellence
November 23, 2011, 8:05 pm
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Big Data, along with the nexus of three technology trends: –  Cloud computing, social computing and mobile computing – is  redefining the “where,” “what” and “how” of the computer industry, elaborates Sohaib Abbasi, CEO of Informatica.

  • The “where” is moving from on-premise computing to cloud computing, changing the economics of computing. By changing the economics of computing, cloud computing enables even more transaction data to be cost-effectively captured by cloud service providers.
  • The “what” is shifting from “transaction processing” with business applications like SAP and Oracle to “interaction processing” with social media services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, changing the role of computing. By enabling the next generation of data-centric applications, social computing represents unprecedented volumes of interaction data.
  • And, finally, the “how” of computing is adapting from desktop computers to mobile devices, changing the face of computing. By empowering users with context-aware and location-based services, mobile computing represents the next surge in device sensor interaction data.

He further elaborates the Promise of Big Data as follows:

  • Analyze the transaction data
  • Relate the social interaction data
  • Correlate the device sensor data
  • Expedite processing of large volumes of data.

Read more on his insightful views and business cases in his interview to the Sandhill Group at the link below:



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