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Shopping, Psychology and Customer Secrets! by informationexcellence
February 21, 2012, 1:58 am
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A great (little long though!) article articulating the customer behaviour, habits, incentives and corporate insights (that go beyond family insights) and the “interceptors” for habit changes.

This very interesting article shows why Analytics is not just about algorithms, but as much if not more about understanding the habits-incentives cycle.

Majority of the Analytics projects fail because of execution ability, the case presents a great case of the business and psychology insights in being able to execute your algorithmic outputs right.

Well, I am also little scared how rattish our brain can become at times, and the need to discover the real cues and rewards.

Wow, the power of Predictive Analytics is maturing enough to dupe us into thinking we remain unanimous – while knowing lot more about us that we every could!

Focusing on the technology and its implications, there is a gap and emerging need among the Analytics empowered companies in rolling out the campaigns, with social responsibility and sensitivity. Perhaps we will see the social auditing of analytics applications from the auditing companies in the not too distant future!

Read this wonderful Newyork times store “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” at the nytimes.com link below:


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