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Changing Face of Data by informationexcellence
February 22, 2012, 11:16 am
Filed under: 2012 Spring Conference

In the Information Excellence 2012-Spring Summit  (this weekend Feb 25-26th 2012, in Bangalore) with the theme DATA DYNAMICS, the Distinguished Panel Team is elaborating on the Changing Face of Data.

The demand and need for data collection, integration, transformation, analysis, discovery, dissemination, presentation and visualization (and tools focused on some or all of these functions) have been changing rapidly in the past decade.

The context and landscape of Data has been changing from ‘data in databases” to expand and include unstructured text, documents, web content and further expanding to include images, voice, speech, video and streaming etc.

The Moore’s Law and evolving transformational technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization, Pervasive internet and Mobility are further spiraling up the vortex of change. In the context aware, location / person / device specific data world. With Behavioural context.

The business demands have been changing as well, from the conventional “load time latency” and “here are the reports” to helping “business adapt to the change” and “innovating with data driven (product/solution) offerings”

What remains unchanged, though, is the unqualified need for the “trusted data foundation” with no compromises on consistency, integration, traceability, auditability and governance of the hugely enlarged data spectrum.

This Panel focuses on this “Changing face of Data” and its implications, along with call for action to Business Leaders, Industries, Information Professionals and Academia.

Come listen to the experts who share on these aspects and beyond and share their thoughts, guidelines, best practices and potential opportunities emerging from the space. Details are at:


Register for the Summit at: http://ieg-2012-feb-data-dynamics.eventbrite.com/


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