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Speeding up Business Decision by eliminating the What and Why by informationexcellence
March 2, 2012, 12:11 am
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A great article from informationweek on the P&G’s focus on Information Excellence and Quadrupling of Analytics Expertise.

The brief but pointed article emphasizes the business need for Speeding up the decision making. The insights from P&G CIO Filippo Passerini captured in the article, in a nutshell, are:

1) “The old IT model was to figure out which reports people wanted, capture the data, and deliver it to the key people weeks or days after the fact – is obsolete”

2) Use Data and Analytics towards minimising the What and Why analysis and rather focus on the actionable “How”.

3) It is not about using more data or different data – it is about using the same foundational data with speed and specificity.

Passerini’s nuggets complement the very consistent message from the “Information Excellence” experts and their interpretation of “Information Excellence To Me is…”, captured in the recent Information Excellence Summit.

Read more about this insightful article in detail on the informationweek site link at the url below:


Thank You Krishnan Raman for pointing to the article with linked-in tag

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