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Invite for “Infovision 2012” Presentations by informationexcellence
September 13, 2012, 7:12 am
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Invite for “Hidden Gem” Participant Presentations:

Information excellence group is a non-commercial, knowledge sharing, volunteer run group based out of Bangalore.

Information Excellence Group announces InfoVision 2012 Summit on the theme “SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud” – a 2-day event presented by ISiM and supported by CSI Bangalore chapter, DAMA Bangalore Chapter and TDWI India Chapter. SAP Labs Bangalore will host this event consisting of presentations, workshops and leaders’ discussions on their experience & future of BI along with trends and best practices.

Keep track of the summit information at http://www.infovision2012.org.in/ in addition to the infovision 2012 page on information excellence blog.

The event has multiple threads like discussions and deliberations on emerging trends and evolving state of information excellence.

This year, conceding to popular demands, IE has decided to offer a platform for practitioners to share their experience and novel solutions to business problems. You could be one sharing stage with who’s who of BI/DW/analytics world in India or get noticed in the web world.

If you think, you are working in a niche area or have a compelling case that should be shared with a large audience; we would love to hear from you. At the moment we can accommodate 10 presentations, naturally there will be multiple screening round.

Important Dates
05 Oct 2012 Round 1: Last date for submitting your idea/research / business case in draft ppt format  to (8 to 12 slides) with a write up to informationexcellencegroup@gmail.com
10 Oct 2012 Results: Confirmation of shortlisting and selection
15 Oct 2012 Final Presentations with speaker notes and abstract to be sent to the org team @ to informationexcellencegroup@gmail.com
19 Oct 2012 Presentation at the main event

Kindly note the following:

  • Choose your topic within SMAC or a project that you may have worked on.
  • Prepare a presentation (around 10-12 slides) and a 1-page write up. Please ensure that you respect customer and vendor’s privacy.
  • Take necessary approval for sharing names & logo of customer / vendors.
  • A team consisting of upto 5 members can join hands to prepare the presentation. Max 2 presenters will be allowed on the stage to present.
  • Timeslot for each presentation would be 15 min. followed by Q & A upto 15 min.
  • Webex facility for outsiders is available. But we request at least 1 representative to be present.

We look forward to finding many great ideas worth sharing with your help.

For more details on Information Excellence:

Information Excellence: What is it?

About Information Excellence Summary and Recap

For any questions, please mail informationexcellencegroup@gmail.com

Team  Infovision 2012


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