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Era of Big Data: Another in the long history of technology development by informationexcellence
October 1, 2012, 10:32 am
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A great article on the information overload comparison of two events spread across and apart by three centuries!

Quoting historian Ann Blair, Chad Wellmon brings out how our contemporary worries about information overload resonate with historical complaints about “too many books.” Illustrating that there was 150% increase in the print titles from 1770 to 1800 alone.

The parallel between the approach two manage  the information overload, three distinct centuries apart — seems to be the same:  “Citations, Bibliographies, and short summaries”. We are seeing many digital tools to manage the same problem (of too much information to digest) in today’s world as it happened in 1800s.

The article concludes with: “Knowledge is hard won; it is crafted, created, and organized by humans and their technologies. Google’s search algorithms are only the most recent in a long history of technologies that humans have developed to organize, evaluate, and engage their world.”

S0, it seems like just a case of where firepower and ammunition have increased in their capacity proportionate to the overgrown data-land that needs to be captured! And that is fair and even footing to what our forefathers faced and addressed very effectively in late seventeenth century!

Read the full article at the INSTITUTE for ADVANCED STUDIES in CULTURE site link http://www.iasc-culture.org/THR/THR_article_2012_Spring_Wellmon.php

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