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Thinknowlogy: A new approach to AI and KNowledge Management by informationexcellence
December 11, 2012, 6:20 pm
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Thinknowlogy – A fundamental approach on AI / knowledge technology.

Presentation Link: http://www.slideshare.net/informationexcellence/thinknowlogy-a-fundamental-approach-to-ai-knowledge-technology

More Information: http://mafait.org/en/download/

Date: 15/Dec/2012 9:30 Am to 11 Am IST    Venue: Virtual Meeting

Registration: http://informationexcellence210.eventbrite.com/

Menno Mafait will be sharing about the Thnnknowlogy – a new paradigm integrated knowledge technology that is also an open source, in this session.

Note: This is a online only virtual session, the session login details will be sent to the registered users one day ahead of the session. Please do not block seats, as online registration counts are limited.

– Why is Siri considered stupid by some users?
– Why do search engines still show lists with links – rather than just answer the question of the user?
– Why does Watson need 2800 CPU cores to find “a needle in the haystack of unstructured texts”? Why doesn’t it just structure those texts before the search? Wouldn’t that speed-up the search itself, using significantly less CPU power?

Thinknowlogy is a new approach that addresses such issues with a new Paradigm.

Thinknowlogy is fundamentally different: designed according an unambiguous definition of intelligence and semantics, and is based on a natural foundation for creating intelligence through natural language: A deep logic (rules of intelligence) is contained within grammar.

Although in its infancy, Thinknowlogy has already results which no AI method can deliver:

• Reasoning in natural language;
• Autonomous structuring of unstructured texts;
• Preserving semantics, rather than trying to reconstruct the meaning afterwards by semantic vocabularies, statistics and personal info;
• Detecting semantic ambiguity;
• In 2013: Autonomous semantic disambiguation. Solving ambiguity is considered the biggest problem of NLP.

About the Speaker: Menno Mafait

Menno Mafait is the founder of Thinknowlogy.He is passionate about redefining the way AI and Knowledge Technology works.
– He is a Computer Science Engineer with specialisation in telecommunication
– Experience in the past: Software Tester;
– Currently developing: Thinknowlogy, the world’s only integrated knowledge technology.

More about Menno Mafait at his linked in profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mennomafait

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