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Agenda: Topics and Speakers by informationexcellence
January 23, 2014, 4:40 pm
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The Business Analytics Industry Summit Speakers:

(Agenda and Timings will be published on 28th/Jan evening):

Topic:Dell’s Edelman award finalist presentation (Application of analytics on Dell’s channel transformation)
Parag Chitalia, Director for Global Operations, Supply Chain Analytics at Dell International Services
Murugan Pugalenthi, Business Analysis Senior Manager – Operations with Dell Global Analytics
Dr. K. Raghava Rau, Big Data Analytics SME .
Topic: New trends in Business Analytics

Speaker :
Venkatesh Vaidyanathan ,VP – Product Management for Business Analytics at SAP Labs, Bangalore.
 Dr Paul Pallath , Data Scientist at SAP Labs, Bangalore.
Abstract : Petabytes of data are generated with every interaction between Man and Machine, and more so with Machine to Machine interactions. This data captures the fine print of the sequence of events that have occurred before and after an action. The actions may have a success or failure associated to it. The ability to learn from the past failures and build on the strengths of past success differentiates the organization ability to be a market leader.
Topic: Big Data Analytics for Intelligent Transport Management Systems
Parameshwaran.Iyer, Sr Data Scientist, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
Mohan B V, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
Topic: WAR in R 
Speaker : 
Dr Bharathish Simha, Abiba Technologies
Abstract : This goes under the acronym of W (Wallet share), A(Acquisition) and R(Retention).  The WAR analytics is a methodology of providing insights/decision support for acquiring new customers, retaining good customers and increasing the cross/up sell potential. WAR methodology is data driven methodology compared to BI analytics, where the segmentation is based on dimensional intersections and other analytics is based on domain rules from experts. The short fall of such methodology is its capability to catch the low hanging fruits.
Panel Discussion from Nasscom Analytics Interest Group
Analytics Talent Development –
Tejas Sanghavi,  VP, Analytics Academy, FRACTAL
Ravi Shankar, AVP and Portfolio Head, INFOSYS
Vineet Mehta,  Group Manager – Enterprise BI, TARGET
Prof. Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay, Dept of Management Studies, IISc
Dr. Rajaram Kudli, Analytics Education and Innovation Evangelist, Prajnan enterprises
Topic: Increase productivity through Analytics
Speakers :
Ajay Sharma Director, Yahoo 
Bagavath Subramaniam Architect, Yahoo
Abstract : Yahoo created data visualization and analytics automation that not only provided deep analytics to users but simplified their task manifold freeing up their time to do more productive work.
Topic: Trust Analytics at eBay 
Speakers :
Vinodh Balasubramanian, Head, Trust Analytics, eBay
Puneet Agarwal, Manager, Trust Analytics, eBay
Akhilesh Gopal, eBay
Abstract : The session would provide an overview of what Trust is all about in eBay and a couple of business analytics case studies in the Trust area.
Topic: Building Big Data Analytics Platform at Intuit
Speaker: Neeta Pande
Abstract : In this session I will be talking about our experience in building analytical platform using Hadoop and other NoSQL technologies to enable employees with diverse background from analysts, marketers to data scientists across Intuit to access this big data with security playing a big role.
Topic: Unlocking the next industrial revolution – M2M Data Science
Speaker:Ganesh Parthasarathy, Flutura
Abstract : Introduction to Flutura’s work and inroads into the Machine Learning and Analytics space. Four case studies about our work in the Utilities,Telecom,Smart Infrastructure and Smart Devices domains.
Topic: Guidance Note on Analytics Progression
Speaker:Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar, Data Scientist
Abstract : Dr. Sarkar will share his insights on the effective approach towards adopting Data Science in the organization.

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Thanks for the effort -information excellence!!! , looking forward for a presentation on enterprise intelligence

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