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2015 Spring Summit Speakers by informationexcellence
February 10, 2015, 1:14 pm
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Speaker Profiles for the 2015 Spring Information Excellence Business Analytics Industry Summit. We have a great mix of distinguished speakers providing a knowledge feast ranging from Research Views to CEO Priorities, CIO Perspectives, CTO Visions and Practitioner Insights.

Professor Govindan Rangarajan_IISc_2014Prof Govindan Rangarajan, Chairman, Division of Interdisciplinary Research, IISc

Topic: Call from the IISc Interdisciplinary Research Chairman to the Practitioners and Industry Leaders


Professor Govindan Rangarajan is a Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science. In addition, he is also the Chairman, Division of Interdisciplinary Research, IISc; Director, Indo-French Centre for Applied Mathematics (IFCAM); Convener, National Mathematics Initiative at IISc; Coordinator, DST Centre for Mathematical Biology; Programme Coordinator, Indo-US Virtual Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (VI-MSS)

Prof. Govindan Rangarajan obtained his PhD from University of Maryland, College Park, USA. He then worked at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, University of California, Berkeley before returning to India in 1992. He is currently a Professor of Mathematics at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His research interests include nonlinear dynamics and chaos, time series analysis and brain machine interface.

It is natural that awards and honours go in search of their own honour; many of them having found their place with Prof Govindan Rangarajan! Some of them being

  • C. Bose National Fellow
  • Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences
  • Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, India
  • Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques (Knight of the Order of Palms), Government of France
  • Homi Bhabha Fellow
  • Honorary Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
  • Adjunct Professor, International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
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Prof Bala SubrahmanyaProf M.H. Bala Subrahmanya, Professor & Chairman, Dept of Management Studies, IISc.
Prof Bala Subrahmanya is the Professor of Economics and the Chairman of the Department of Management Studies, the oldest management institute in India.

His research interests include Industrial Economics covering the wide spectrum of industry: start-ups, micro firms, SMEs, large scale enterprises including TNCs, their structure and growth, industrial R&D and technological innovations, entrepreneurship, industrial energy consumption pattern and efficiency, industrial subcontracting, productivity and industrial performance.

Prof Bala Subrahmanya comes with many noted recognitions including:

•    University of California, Davis, USA: Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Fellow during September 2009 to April 2010.
•    National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, Japan: Japan Foundation Visiting Research Fellow during March 2005 to February 2006.
•    Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India: Assistant Professor (from May 1996 to May 2002), Department of Management Studies.
•    Foundation for Small & Medium Enterprise Development, University of Durham, Durham, United Kingdom: Commonwealth Visiting Research Fellow during February-July 2000.
•    The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India [Assocham], New Delhi, India: Economist (January1990-October1992); Senior Executive (November 1992-April 1996).

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Dinakar AdhyamDinakar Adhyam, Managing Director, Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Ltd

Topic: Information Needs of Top Management

Dinakar has rich experience of 30 years with reputed multi-national companies, spanning several industries and markets, automotive being one of the important markets that he has had the opportunity to work closely with many of the global auto OEM companies in India.

Dinakar Adhyam has been the Managing Director of Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Ltd since October 25, 2011. Prior to that, he has been the CEO & Director of ROBO Silicon Ltd; President & Managing Director of Kennametal India Limited (formerly known as WIDIA); Managing Director of DISA India Limited; Business Head at Grindwell Norton Ltd where he built his career over 20 years.

His special focus is on Business management, Operational and business excellence, leadership and mentoring. He is known for Consistent track record of high performance and building strong teams, with focus on excellence.

Mr. Dinakar holds BE in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mysore.

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Ramesh BhashyamRamesh Bhashyam, CTO, Teradata R&D labs

Topic: Universal Big Data Architecture

Ramesh Bhashyam is the Chief Technical Officer at Teradata R&D labs.

Prior to this he was the Chief Technical Officer in Los Angeles for the Teradata database group. Ramesh was elected by the board of Teradata as a Teradata Fellow in 2010. Ramesh has extensive experience in data analytics.

Prior to Teradata he was with inference corporation, a leading AI Company. Ramesh has over 30 US patents to his credits in data analytics and big data.

Ramesh has a master’s in computer science and an bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering.

Abstract (Universal Big Data Architecture, Ramesh Bhashyam):

Universal Big Data Architecture. This one hour session will layout the big data architecture. The basic premise of the presentation is that reasoning with big data is not about big data alone but it is about all data. The session will briefly explain the concept of big data from the perspective of data science. It will motivate the need for big data type analytics. It will discuss the 3V of big data. It will then come up with a data architecture for big data based upon the analytic requirements.

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V C GopalratnamVC Gopalratnam, Chief Information Officer – APJ & GC; President – Strategy, Planning & Operations

Topic: Awaited

VC Gopalratnam (Gopal) is Cisco’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Asia Pacific Japan and China region and Vice President of Information Technology. He is also the leader for Global IT Services, guiding the vision and strategy for key IT enablers across the organization. In addition, he serves as Chief of Strategy, Planning, and Operations for Cisco India, managing infrastructure development and operations, university relations, and company priorities of inclusion and diversity and corporate social responsibility.

A core member of Cisco’s executive leadership team in India and the region, Gopal has worked in the technology industry for more than 25 years with leading multinational corporations. He serves on the Board of the Cisco Foundation and leads the India Civic Council Board.

Before joining Cisco in 2007, Gopal was the business leader of the Global Analytics practice at General Electric Capital International Services. Prior to that role, he led GE’s Global e-Engineering/Collaborative Engineering practice.

Gopal holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Chennai, India, Master of Science degrees in both chemical engineering and environmental risk studies, and an MBA in MIS/finance.

Abstract (The CIO’s perspective on Data and the Internet of Everything, VC Gopalratnam):

The role of the CIO is changing – the relevance of IT to the enterprise has never been more.  From being a back-room function, IT now has a seat at the table in the board room and helps drive not just the way we run businesses, but the way we grow and change them.  At the heart of this transformation is big data.  As the world moves towards an Internet of Everything paradigm, making sense of the avalanche of data that is being generated in order to make more impactful business decisions is a challenge.  Being Fast IT and becoming adaptive is something that the CIOs are expected to lead and drive.  Changing demographics, platforms and business models have made this the most exciting time to be a technology professional.

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Ravishankar Tata SkyRavishanker N, CIO, Tatasky

Topic: Tata Sky’s Competing with Analytics Journey: Insights and Deliberations

A Chartered Engineer by profession with a MS (IT) and a Management Graduate with Fellow Member of the British Computer Society.

Ravi has around 25 years of work experience in the Media / Banking and Telecom domain.

In the past, he has worked with Financial majors like Standard Chartered / GE Capital  and in senior leadership roles in  Bank Muscat / IBM & Bharti Airtel.

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Ramprasad K RRamprasad K R, Chief Technologist and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, AI & Cognitive Computing, Wipro

Topic: Disrupting IT Services using AI

Ramprasad K R is the Chief Technologist at Wipro’s Center of Innovation, the Technovation lab and is responsible for driving the future of business innovations. He has incubated the lab as a service offering with wins from global customers. His technology portfolio spans the enterprise IT technology themes of data scale, semantic web, next generation user experience, continuous integration and smart systems.

Known for his technology leadership and ability to create breakthrough solutions, Mr Ramprasad has incubated several new technology competencies of Internet, web programming, object oriented technologies, java, distributed objects , document and content management, and grid computing competencies and has multiple patents under his name. A long-timer at Wipro, Mr Ramprasad has built teams with unique skills, passion and commitment. Discovering and creating technology applications and solutions to the various problems faced in this era of massive urbanisation is his hobby. He works closely with Academia on several next generation technology projects and joint researches.

Ramprasad has been part of review panel for global research organization and is a frequent speaker in business and technical forums and has most recently spoken at FT Innovate Summit in Hong Kong in 2014.

Abstract (Disrupting IT Services using AI, Ramprasad K R):

 Like any human being the bots created for it services , interact naturally, learn from experience and assist in resolving problems.        Three case studies  of applying AI  covering service desks, application management and knowledge intensive work flow processes will bring out what is possible now and what the future holds .  


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GANAPATHY SUBRAMANIANGanapathy Subramanian, Sr VP, Analytics, Infosys

Topic: Big Data and open source impact in the Big Data Landscape

Ganapathy Subramanian recently joined Infosys as Vice President – Unit Technology Officer in the Big Data & Analytics unit. He is responsible for the service as well as building the Infosys Information Platform or IIP. IIP is an open source cloud based big data platform that can help customers not only get real time insights, but also real time foresights in their transactional data.

Prior to joining Infosys, Ganapathy was the Global Vice President of the Customer Engagement & Strategic Projects (CE & SP) team in SAP Labs India Bangalore. He was a member of SAP’s extended Global Leadership Team and part of the Global team of Executives at SAP. His main responsibility is towards the development of beautiful applications built on top of SAP’s Technology platform like SAP In-Memory (HANA), Mobile and the cloud. The applications are again being built using Design Thinking methodology. Ganapathy was recognized as “Leader of the Year” as a part of SAP Labs India Annual awards 2013.

Prior to SAP Ganapathy worked as a software Developer at IMR global for a period of 1.5 years. Overall Ganapathy has 16+ years of experience in the IT industry

His Focus areas include Building of Products/Software applications in Big data, SAP In-memory platform and Design Thinking, setting up of high performance organizations, setting up of an Innovation and high result oriented culture within organizations

He has graduated from BITS Pilani, done his MS in software Systems from BITS as well. He holds a diploma in Executive General Management Program from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore. Ganapathy has done a senior leadership program at Harvard Business School.

Abstract (Big Data and open source impact in the Big Data Landscape, Ganapathy Subramanian):

 Open source technologies in the Big Data space are maturing day by day with powerful new features around scalability, performance and security that are a must for enterprise class solution deployments. With the plethora of development around open source in Big Data and Analytics, and the need from customers towards high performance data warehouses at better prices, Infosys envisages an open source platform with the best of big data and analytics capabilities, running on commodity hardware that can address a diverse set of enterprise use cases across various industries like retail, financial, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

However, enterprises continue to face significant challenges in adopting these open source components. The challenge often lies not in the quality of platform offerings, but in its lack of sufficient tooling around packaging, development, administration and monitoring, and a lack of effective integration into organizational processes. Consequently, in the Infosys Information Platform, the open source components are enhanced with additional Infosys IP /Partner IP around tooling and specific packages addressing different business scenarios, thus making it significantly easier for large enterprises to adopt these open source capabilities.


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cohan_pic_48Cohan Sujay Carlos, Founder CEO, Aiaioo Labs

Topic: Applications of Text Analytics to B2B Sales and Marketing

Cohan is the CEO and founder of Aiaioo Labs.  Aiaioo Labs’ research is mainly into natural language processing and machine learning.  He also drives the development of Capsuled AI and NLP based products and applications in the space of digital marketing and B2B sales. As his tagline goes, he is in the business of “Dreaming up the IMPOSSIBLE and Making it HAPPEN!”

Prior to that, Cohan worked on machine learning algorithms and their applications to text and language at various research organizations and startups. His prior stints before starting Aiaioo Labs in 2009 have been with Microsoft, Adap.tv, MobiTV, IBM, Object Technology International, Sun Microsystems among others.

Abstract (Applications of Text Analytics to B2B Sales and Marketing, Cohan Sujay Carlos):

 Developments in the field of natural language processing now allow for the development of tools for B2B digital marketing and online sales that exhibit considerable intelligence and are endowed with the ability to perform tasks that require a human-like understanding of the world. In this talk we explore the benefits of leveraging advances in AI in B2B marketing and the strategic advantages that AI can confer on marketing and sales teams.

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Bindu Pic SmallerBindu Narayan, Strategic Projects (Customer Intelligence) Lead, HP Global Analytics

Topic: Measuring Loyalty Real Time: An HP Case Study

Dr. Bindu Narayan is the Strategic Projects (Customer Intelligence) Lead, at HP Global Analytics. Her responsibilities in the role at HP include Driving high impact initiatives and projects in Customer and Marketing Analytics; Creating next-gen analytical frameworks; Providing thought leadership in next gen analytics around marketing and customer analytics as well as Interacting with academia for project collaborations.

Her prior roles have included Sr Manager at Mu Sigma, Trainer at Mu Sigma, Faculty at School of Communication and Management Studies, Cochin. Bindu has multiple Conference and Journal publications and a Patent Files on “A Text Mining based algorithm to compute Real Time NPS”

She is a Ph.D. (Management) from IIT Madras; MBA (Marketing) from Cochin University of Science and Technology and B.E. (Electronics and Communication) from Kerala University.

Abstract (Measuring Loyalty Real Time: An HP Case Study, Bindu Narayan):

Ever since Fred Reichheld introduced the concept, Net Promoter Score (NPS) has gained much popularity among corporates. Hundreds of companies now use NPS to track customer loyalty, some of the big names being Apple, e-Bay, HP, American Express, BBC. NPS is considered the best proxy for customer loyalty and is derived out of a single question, “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?”. The answer to the NPS question is sought from the customer base through surveys. Most of the organizations do this as an annual ritual. Corporates, however need to check the loyalty of their customer base on an on-going basis. Doing a full-fledged customer survey on a monthly or quarterly basis is cost prohibitive and hence not feasible. We, at HP has developed an alternate method to estimate a proxy NPS using unsolicited responses in the on line space, thereby making measurement of NPS Real Time. I will be taking the audience through the analytical journey that we undertook to develop this solution.


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