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Remembering the People’s President by informationexcellence
August 23, 2015, 1:43 pm
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President Kalam Reflecting About IndiaAPJ Abdul Kalam is a name that naturally resonates with smile, pride, respect, inspiration and lot more. He is one of the few names and personalities, the very thought of him awakens the energy and positivity in everybody.

It is getting to be a month of remembering President Kalam, since the nation lost him. Balancing the thoughts between the emotion of loss to the exuberance of the difference the “People’s President” made.

Everyone in India, and beyond, felt his loss. Or, should we say, were touched by his life, to be more apt! He was an inspiration for every category of society and people, especially everybody who is a student in outlook. Indeed his death is a big loss to our nation.

President Kalam_Dreams Transcend

When asked, “Where do you want to be, if you are to be reborn?”, his response was, “I want to take birth in ‘Developed and Livable India’ ”. True to his words, he dedicated his whole life working towards that dream and goal. He did make a good deal of difference progressing many milestones in that direction.

Kalam GoodByeEven in that final journey, he remembered to practice what he preached, following his word, “Good Byes should be short and sweet”. And retained the coveted distinction of continuing to be a teacher in his last act.

He will be remembered for a long time by everyone in India. Considering his life has been a spectrum of vibrant colours, each of us will have our own thoughts and distinct take away from Dr Kalam the Teacher.

So, what did we, the citizens of India, think of and about him, on the sudden and sad loss of the legend. We thought we will put some of the simple and foundational data science to infer and understand the birds’ eye view of people’s sentiments and memories of people’s President.

We explored the social media and collected the tributes and comments across the twitteratti in the two weeks following his short good bye.

Remembering President Kalam_FirstThoughts.jpg

Here is what we came across as the key thoughts and reflections from the sentiments expressed. They included the combination of the tributes, respectful appreciations and acknowledgements, and thoughtful suggestions.

The expressions made a radiating picture, in the form of Mournings, Memories and Inspirations.

President Kalam's Memories

Yes, President Kalam would have liked the Mournings to quickly evaporate and make room for Memories; and the Memories to rapidly translate into Inspiration for each Individual to do one thing of relevance and significance to self and society, better, deeper, faster and vaster.

Radiating Thoughts on President Kalam

“My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people,” the President had said.

Real tribute to him is youngsters working towards his dream of Developed and Livable India. And his definition of ‘youngster’ meant “Young at Heart and Mind”. So please don’t find an excuse in not being young enough to take and act on his suggestion.

A true tribute to Dr. Kalam would be, for me (reader, each one of us), is  to have a DREAM that is worth having, positive for the self and society, that does not let you sleep.

President Kalam Calling YouDo share your dreams that is not letting you sleep, and how others in the ecosystem can help you achieve that goal better.

For, the part of success lies in making that dream contagious and infectious enough that it is no longer just your dream.

To say “Rest In Piece” to Dr. Kalam would be an insult. Dr. Kalam was always in peace. He may have been impatient and in a hurry, but he always was in peace. We can make his soul prouder by having thousands of inspirations start radiating the positive change, with sleepless dreams that lead to peaceful and purposeful outcomes.

This article is contributed by Abdur Rahman (IIIT SriRangam Student interning at COMPEGENCE) and Dheepa K (IIIT SriRangam Student interning at COMPEGENCE) with inputs from Manoj Gunasekaran (Data Science Analyst, COMPEGENCE). All images used of President Kalam sourced from google images search.

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