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And We all thought we are experts in Data Science…. by informationexcellence
February 12, 2017, 8:00 pm
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These are the days when it is lot more harder to evaluate a Data Scientist than it is to become a Data Scientist! Neither the evaluator nor the evaluatee knows what it means in majority of the time, and most of the discussion ends with the Jargon laced conversations.

At #COMPEGENCE, we use some simple methods. Like asking, “What is your favourite book on Data Science”. 80% of the interviews end there. For the remaining 20%, we have a follow up question, “What are the two things you learnt the most from that book”. And that takes out another 80 to 90% of the remaining 20%. And those who could not face the questions have an extremely valuable takeaway, assuming they paid attention to the spirit of the questions!

Here is a wonderful article by Kevin Gray, on that simplest of the statistical technique, Regression Analysis.

And in case you had no good answers for the simple method we use to evaluate, there are some very good pointers in the article.


Quote from the article:

“….. My father worked in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and ANOVA and Probit Analysis were his stock-in-trade. I still have his copies of R.A. Fisher’s Statistical Methods for Research Workers and D. J. Finney’s Probit Analysis in my library…..

“Regression isn’t rocket science but it isn’t instant ramen either. Use it wisely and it will show you what lies beneath your cross tabs and dashboards. Use it carelessly and you may pay a hefty price.”



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