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Big Data and Deep Learning: 2015 Oct 31 Sat by informationexcellence
October 26, 2015, 2:12 pm
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Date: Saturday Oct/31st/2015: 09:30 AM to 01:00 PM

Host Organization:Akamai (Thank You for hosting us)



Big Data Adoption and Evolution: Case Study from the media industry (Chid Kollengode, Sr Director, Engineering, DataXu)

Chid Linkedin PhotoChid is currently the Sr Director at DataXu, Driving the Programmatic Marketing with Big Data Technologies and having loads of fun doing it.

Chid has been a key member of the Yahoo’s Hadoop foundational team, and a champion of Big Data Technology evolution and adoption. He will talk about the adoption of Big Data in the Media industry, challenges and evolution, based on his experience.

Speaker profile: https://in.linkedin.com/in/chidk

His Specialities include.

– Proven ability to repeatedly seed and nurture high performance teams – in Amazon, Yahoo, Nokia.
– Big Data and Data Science – Delivered 100TB+ Oracle to 35+ petabyte Hadoop warehouses.
– Ability to take ideas from prototype to Internet-scale production (Hadoop and A9)
– Focus on getting it done – partner with customers and proactively manage risk

Deep Learning Overview (Dr Bharatheesh Jaysimha, CTO, Abiba Technologies)

J Bharatheesh Simha

Dr Bharatheesh is the CTO at Abiba Technologies, Driving Data Science driven solutions for the Telecom and Retail industries. His expertise spanning Data, Analytics and Business Solutions is valued by Abiba customers worldwide.

Deep learning machines are reincarnated versions of previous machine learning avatars like neural networks and fuzzy systems. What separates them from machine learning 1.0 is their ability to create features on their own instead of handcrafted features as in other algorithms. There are different flavors of deep learning from deep learning networks to auto encoders to deep unsupervised approaches. This talk from Dr. Bharatheesh will shed some light on the origins of deep learning, different approaches currently used and applications of deep learning in variety of domains (visual, sound, text and time series), along with tools that can be used for embedding DLMs in your applications.

Speaker profile: https://in.linkedin.com/in/jbsimha


Akamai, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore google map link for directions:

Salarpuria Softzone, 2nd & 3rd Floor, ‘A’ Wing, Survey No. 80/1, Bellandur Village,

Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

Registration Link:



  1. Please bring a govt id proof, for the Security process at host organization
  2. Don’t block seats if unsure of attending
  3. Session is free for all, but Registration is essential
  4. Please be there on time to make use of the learning and knowledge share networking opportunities
  5. questions or suggestions: please email to informationexcellencegroup@gmail.com / informationexcellence@compegence.com


Saturday Oct 31/2015 09:30 AM to 01:00 PM

Sign in from 9:30 AM

09:30 AM to 10:00 AM     Informal Introductions and Networking

10:00 AM to 11:15 AM       Big Data Adoption and Evolution

Coffee Break

11:30 AM to 12:45 PM      Deep Learning Overview


Remembering the People’s President by informationexcellence
August 23, 2015, 1:43 pm
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President Kalam Reflecting About IndiaAPJ Abdul Kalam is a name that naturally resonates with smile, pride, respect, inspiration and lot more. He is one of the few names and personalities, the very thought of him awakens the energy and positivity in everybody.

It is getting to be a month of remembering President Kalam, since the nation lost him. Balancing the thoughts between the emotion of loss to the exuberance of the difference the “People’s President” made.

Everyone in India, and beyond, felt his loss. Or, should we say, were touched by his life, to be more apt! He was an inspiration for every category of society and people, especially everybody who is a student in outlook. Indeed his death is a big loss to our nation.

President Kalam_Dreams Transcend

When asked, “Where do you want to be, if you are to be reborn?”, his response was, “I want to take birth in ‘Developed and Livable India’ ”. True to his words, he dedicated his whole life working towards that dream and goal. He did make a good deal of difference progressing many milestones in that direction.

Kalam GoodByeEven in that final journey, he remembered to practice what he preached, following his word, “Good Byes should be short and sweet”. And retained the coveted distinction of continuing to be a teacher in his last act.

He will be remembered for a long time by everyone in India. Considering his life has been a spectrum of vibrant colours, each of us will have our own thoughts and distinct take away from Dr Kalam the Teacher.

So, what did we, the citizens of India, think of and about him, on the sudden and sad loss of the legend. We thought we will put some of the simple and foundational data science to infer and understand the birds’ eye view of people’s sentiments and memories of people’s President.

We explored the social media and collected the tributes and comments across the twitteratti in the two weeks following his short good bye.

Remembering President Kalam_FirstThoughts.jpg

Here is what we came across as the key thoughts and reflections from the sentiments expressed. They included the combination of the tributes, respectful appreciations and acknowledgements, and thoughtful suggestions.

The expressions made a radiating picture, in the form of Mournings, Memories and Inspirations.

President Kalam's Memories

Yes, President Kalam would have liked the Mournings to quickly evaporate and make room for Memories; and the Memories to rapidly translate into Inspiration for each Individual to do one thing of relevance and significance to self and society, better, deeper, faster and vaster.

Radiating Thoughts on President Kalam

“My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people,” the President had said.

Real tribute to him is youngsters working towards his dream of Developed and Livable India. And his definition of ‘youngster’ meant “Young at Heart and Mind”. So please don’t find an excuse in not being young enough to take and act on his suggestion.

A true tribute to Dr. Kalam would be, for me (reader, each one of us), is  to have a DREAM that is worth having, positive for the self and society, that does not let you sleep.

President Kalam Calling YouDo share your dreams that is not letting you sleep, and how others in the ecosystem can help you achieve that goal better.

For, the part of success lies in making that dream contagious and infectious enough that it is no longer just your dream.

To say “Rest In Piece” to Dr. Kalam would be an insult. Dr. Kalam was always in peace. He may have been impatient and in a hurry, but he always was in peace. We can make his soul prouder by having thousands of inspirations start radiating the positive change, with sleepless dreams that lead to peaceful and purposeful outcomes.

This article is contributed by Abdur Rahman (IIIT SriRangam Student interning at COMPEGENCE) and Dheepa K (IIIT SriRangam Student interning at COMPEGENCE) with inputs from Manoj Gunasekaran (Data Science Analyst, COMPEGENCE). All images used of President Kalam sourced from google images search.

Third NASSCOM Big Data Conference in Hyderabad by informationexcellence
June 9, 2015, 6:49 am
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For those who may have missed out the communication on NASSCOM Big Data Conference later this month in Hyderabad: Good Conference to attend:

NASSCOM Communication on the Conference:

Welcome to the 3rd edition of NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit.

We all understand that Enterprises are challenged by the ‘Uberization of Business’. Analytics need not be sold to the CXO. The CXOs realize the value of data, be it structured or unstructured. What they struggle with is to understand the connected consumer and her expectations, the nuances of handling customer churn, managing enterprise risk and creating strategies for the new world order. In short the CXOs are seeking ‘Insights and Simplicity to Decision Making’.

We believe Analytics can make decision making simpler, efficient, and effective to the Enterprise.

The question is – who? The men or the machines. Will Analytics itself get disrupted? Machines are becoming smarter with ‘Embedded Cognitive Analytics’, devices are getting connected leading to ‘Internet of Analytics’ and the need for ‘real time’ Analytics is leading to automated Decision making?

 Find out @ NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit, Hyderabad, 25th – 26th June 2015 (www.nasscom.in/bigdata)

PERFECT REPRESENTER: Facebook research app developed by Game Theory Lab, CSA, IISc by informationexcellence
April 28, 2015, 9:27 pm
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Below is a note from Prof Narahari of CSA< IISC, on a Facebook Research App Developed by Game Theory Labs in IISc. Pleasedo the needful. Plus, it is a fun game!


From: Prof Y Narahari at IISc

Sent: 28 April 2015 20:25
To: Y Narahari
Subject: PERFECT REPRESENTER: Request you to spread a Facebook research app developed by Game Theory Lab, CSA, IISc

Dear all,

At the outset, warm wishes!

The students of Game Theory lab (Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science), have developed a Facebook app as part of an ongoing academic project for collecting a particular kind of data. The app asks your preferences for 8 simple topics and tells you how perfectly you represent your friends and society.

We hereby request you to play the app at https://apps.facebook.com/prefaggregation/ and spread it among your contacts.

As Facebook has declared to change its policies from May onwards, we would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word before April 30, 2015.

Many thanks,


Summit Sumary: 2015 Feb 28th Business Analytics Industry Summit by informationexcellence
April 15, 2015, 5:22 pm
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Information Excellence 2015 Business Analytics Industry IEG 20150228 Summit BrochureSummit highlighted industry case studies in the information use and data analytics for improved business efficiency and impact of big data on business operations. This is the 6th Summit session from IEG.

The summit hosted by the Department of Management Studies, IISc. The Satish Dhawan Auditorium was packed to the capacity with 250+ participants; with registrants from across the industry spectrum, academic faculty and IISc Student community.

Speakers shared their thoughts on how the analytics is being used in the industry to drive business growth. Lively interaction by the audience with the speakers showed immense audience interest in the talks.

The Summit also highlighted the need for closer Academia and Industry Interaction. It specifically 20150228 Spring IEG Audienceemphasized the need for A) bringing the real life challenges that could benefit from the research from leading academic institutions and B) industry adopting the leading edge research output from the institutes like IISc. There were specific action items from many participant industry leaders in progressing this call for action from the Institute (Indian Institute of Science).

The summit Presentations are available (where share permission granted) on the http://www.slideshare.net/informationexcellence/presentations

Summit Summary:

Prof Chiranjit MukhopadhyayProf Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay, Professor of Statistics, DoMS, IISc (Preso Link)

 Prof Chiranjit kicked off the Summit with a brief overview of the IISc and the Department of Management Studies.

  • The Institute was founded on May 27, 1909; as a “University of Research”, Conceived by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata (J N Tata) with inspiration from Swami Vivekananda and land granted by the Mysuru Maharajas
  • Department of Management Studies is the first management institute in the country, founded in 1947. Offering Master of Management Program as well as PhD in Management Studies (~50 researchers pursuing Doctoral Degrees)

He articulated the Business Analytics to be the discipline addressing the following three connected issues:

  • Data Management & Technology Exploitation
  • Data Analysis & Optimization
  • Automated Decision Making

 Prof Chiranjit articulated the importance of this interdisciplinary area involving Computer Science and Engineering, Statistics and Machine Learning and OR & Management Science. His Welcome Note set the tone for the rest of the day with the focus and intent on how to leverage the technology and data towards effective business and societal decision making.

Prof Govindan RangarajanProf Govindan Rangarajan Chairman, Division of Interdisciplinary Research, IISc

 In the Inaugural session, Prof Govindan Rangarajan brought to fore the rapid emergence of new technologies and the resultant digital revolution. Together, they would change the way we live and conduct our business, in the near future.

Prof Rangarajan articulated the interaction between Academia and Industry is inevitable due to rapid emergence of new technologies; and the need for the two (Industry and Academia) to work together to adopt the advances in technology and research towards positively adopting the digital revolution. He called for focused engagement between the Academia and Industry. This was further detailed out between the industry leaders and IISc Faculty in the focused lunch meeting discussion.

Dinakar AdhyamDinakar Adhyam, Managing Director, Saint-Gobain Sekurit India Ltd

Dinakar shared his thoughts on Information Excellence: It is a lever and decision tool towards

  •  Control on cost, quality, service & value,
  • Minimize overheads & Maximize value and
  • Linking strategic vision to robust daily management.

Dinakar defined 5 levels for achieving information excellence:

  • L1- Real time data interchange
  • L2 – TQM, Kaizen, Six Sigma,
  • L3 – Extract intelligence,
  • L4 – Combine managerial Innovation with technology,
  • L5 – Balancing IT strategy with Business strategy.

 Top Tweets for the session from Dinakar Adhyam:

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

IT is no more about Computers and Technology than astronomy is about telescopes #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Manufacturing Industry – Cost, Quality, Service and Value #InfoExcel

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Feb 28

#InfoExcel Mr. A Dinakar lucidly explained what top management looks for after investing into IT.

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Feb 28

#InfoExcel Mr. A Dinakar lucidly explained what top management looks for after investing into IT.

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Pervasive Computing – 1 PC per 1.5 employees at Saint Gobian #InfoExcel

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 27

1 PC per 1.5 employees in Saint-Gobain… #InfoExcel #IISc

(Note; It is a manufacturing company, still 2 PCs for every three employees!)

Siddharth Dixit  ‏@siddharthdixit1  Feb 28

#InfoExcel Mr. A Dinakar lucidly explained what top management looks for after investing into IT.

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20 Feb 28

Transition from “Chances favors prepare minds” to.”Chances favors connected minds” in IT… #InfoExcel #DataSciencw

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Pervasive Computing – 1 PC per 1.5 employees at Saint Gobian #InfoExcel

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 27

80% of Saint-Gobain Chennai’s water needs are met through rain water harvesting… #InfoExcel #IISc

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

3 activities 10 locations 1600 employees – Thats Saint Gobian in India #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Saint Gobian founded in 1665! #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Mr. Dinakar from @saintgobain begins his first session at #InfoExcel A Top Management Persepective

Ramesh BhashyamRamesh Bhashyam, CTO, Teradata R&D labs (Preso Link)

Ramesh presented his thoughts on universal big data architecture and Zeta byte age.

He elaborated on complex dimensions –

  • Value density (measure of extent of processing based on data format),
  • Analytic agility (structured vs unstructured for business intelligence) and
  • Concurrency of data (Frequency of use of data vs infrequency vs one time use).

He explained five I’s:  Implement, Integrate, Improve continuously, generate Intelligence and Innovate using IT

Top Tweets for the session from Ramesh Bhashyam:

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Feb 28

#InfoExcel learnt two new things from Ramesh Bhashyam – Value density of data concept and 5 steps approach towards Big Data

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 28

Infy team now for “Realizing Business Value through Big Data” #InfoExcel #BigData

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 28

Value Density – Measure of the extent to which data has to be processed based on form #InfoExcel #IISc #DataScience

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

And back to basics – The V’s – Volume Variety Velocity Value #BigData #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Data Driven Decision Making – Acquire, Prepare, Analyze, Validate and Operationalize #InfoExcel #BigData

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 27

Big Data = Transactions + Interactions + Obaervations #InfoExcel #IISc #DataScience #BigData

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Its the Zeta Byte Age #InfoExcel #BigData #Analytics

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

More data has been created in the last 3 years than in all the past 40,000 years #InfoExcel #BigData and the Unit of Analysis has changed!

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Total data has quadrupled in the last three years #InfoExcel

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 27

Data are no longer merely the by-product of process improvement, they r becoming the raw material of business. #InfoExcel #IISc #DataScienc

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Next #InfoExcel topic – “Big Data Universal Architecture” by Ramesh Bhashyam of Terradata R#D Labs

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 27

“Data drives but guts decides”.. guts needs wisdom #InfoExcel #DataScience #IISc

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Heard from a participant question – “Data Drives, but Gut decides” #InfoExcel

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 27

Important to shift from ‘T’ of ‘IT’ to ‘I’ of ‘IT’ #InfoExcel #IISc #DataScience

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 27

Transition from “Chances favors prepare minds” to “Chances favors connected minds” in IT… #InfoExcel #DataSciencw

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

The other I’s of IT – Implement, Integrate, Improve, extract Intelligence, Innovate #InfoExcel

VC GopalratnamVC Gopalratnam, President, IT and CIO – APJ&C and Chief of Strategy, Planning & Operations, Cisco India (Preso Link)

Gopalratnam gave CIO perspectives on Data analytics, Internet of things and fast pace of changes in the world.

He explained and deliberated on the emerging state of the next generation of IT:

  • New paradigm (Application centricity, ITaas, Social, Mobile analytics, cloud),
  • Globalization (New business models, Governance and security concerns) and
  • Consumerization (BYOX, Collaboration and flexible consumption models).

Gopalratnam explained that Digital Natives (people aged upto 21 years) are bringing a new way of thinking in flexibility and collaborative working.

He predicted that Inter cloud, FAR computing, video analytics, Policy Engine and SMART everything (City, Hospital, Highway, Factory, etc.) are the future.

Top Tweets for the session from V C Gopalratnam:

 Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel it was interesting to listen on 3 undergoing changes, micro segmentation n IoT(E) from V C Gopalratnam

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Queries coming up on Data motion from one cloud to another cloud #InfoExcel #BigData

IoT Attack ‏@iotattack  Feb 27

“Internet of Things” – new term introduced in 2015 edition of #InfoExcel #IoT #Business #Analytics via kamleshrao

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

“Internet of Things” – means #InfoExcel sessions are not the repeatative. Happy to know that the we have new content with speakers

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

“Internet of Things” – new term introduced in 2015 edition of #InfoExcel #IoT #Business #Analytics


Ravishanker N Ravishanker N, CIO, Tatasky (Preso Link)

Ravishankar took the audience on an exciting analytics journey in TataSky.

He explained that hundreds of traits of an individual viewer are analyzed to understand the customer behaviour towards the business objectives of driving organic growth, increasing operating efficiency and reducing the risks in DTH industry.

Ravishanker elaborated that the current focus areas are on leveraging the Social circle, Social media and Sentiment analysis towards positive business benefits and meaningful customer engagement.

Top Tweets for the session from Ravishanker N:

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel learnt from Ravi Shankar how text analytics is used 2 resolve customer complaints n keep churn rate much below industry figures

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

Digital TV Subscription is a $ 4 monthly business in India #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

TataSky – 3 Lakh Distributors and Dealers

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 27

@tatasky insights on deliberations talk #InfoExcel

Ramprasad K RRamprasad K R, Chief Technologist andDistinguished Member of Technical Staff, AI & Cognitive Computing, Wipro

Ramprasad explained how BOTS have been used to improve the efficiency of Service Desk in WIPRO. He elaborated on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IT services in Wipro.

He shared details of Helpdesk automation, Enterprise Business automation, Wipro Intelligent recruitment agent, Wipro ngGenie and Voice BPO. He shared about the Intelligent recruitment AI system that can screen candidates in the first round without any “human” intervention. 

Top Tweets for the session from Ramprasad K R:

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel Ramprasad has developed a curiosity in me about AI. Assisted hypothesis discovery, deep learning, etc were interesting topics

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel Ramprasad’s simple n day to day examples helped me understand and appreciate tremendous effort going on in AI field

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 28

Open Source Technologies can be leveraged for #AI #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 28

Next time when you go for an Interview at Wipro, probably a BOT will do screening #AI #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 28

Bots Service Desk at Wipro helps in catagorizing the tickets #InfoExcel #AI

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 28

We are not machines, but we do something like machine. Those things can be automated.. #InfoExcel #IISc #ArtificialIntelligence

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1 Mar 1

#InfoExcel Ramprasad’s simple n day to day examples helped me understand and appreciate tremendous effort going on in AI field

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1 Mar 1

#InfoExcel Ramprasad has developed a curiosity in me about AI. Assisted hypothesis discovery, deep learning, etc were interesting topics

Ganapathy SubramanianGanapathy Subramanian, Sr VP – Analytics, Infosys

Subramanian gave an overview of real time analytic platform using Hadoop and Spark that can refresh a dashboard every 4 seconds analyzing data from several hundreds of sensors from several thousands of automated vehicles operating inside mines to show possible breakdown and provide an ability to fix the problems before they occur in real-time. He aptly summarized the change and shift towards real time as that of atoms changing into bits.

Subramanian discussed and summarized bigdata in terms of three aspects: Scope, Scale and Ability to Discover

Top Tweets for the session from Ganapathy Subramanian

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel mining Industry example from Ganapathy’s session was interesting. I wish I could see it till end.

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel Ganapathy n Ramprasad’s idea of helping business 2 get rid of mundane jobs n providing capabilities to focus on core jobs

Venkat.KL ‏@VenkatKL  Feb 28

Very Good talk on Big Data and Open Source Technologies by Mr. Ganapathy Subramanian Sr. VP, Analytics, Infosys #InfoExcel

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel Ganapathy Subramanian showed how open source tech can b combined to make products which give enhanced capabilities to end users

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel Ganapathy Subramanian showed how open source tech can b combined to make products which give enhanced capabilities to end users

Cohan Sujay CarlosCohan Sujay Carlos, Founder CEO, Aiaioo Labs (Preso Link)

Cohan explained how text analytics can be used to build products that lead to better conversion rates than Google in B2B marketing. He gave an overview of “Intension Analysis” and associated use cases.

He compared and contrasted pull marketing vs push marketing and elaborated the B2B sales approach effectiveness with push marketing. The solution included iterative multi-step approach with

  1. Identifying prospect categories
  2. Harvesting Contact Details of stakeholder persons (Email Server, Social Media, Company Id)
  3. Identifying a prospect (Text Analytics Steps)
  4. Engaging them with effective conversations

He explained the most likely observed reasons for in-effective B2B sales as the following: 1. Not enough content, 2. No social media followers.

Top Tweets for the session from Cohan Sujay Carlos:

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel Sujay showed how text analytics can b used 2 build products dat has better conversion rates than Google in B2B marketing

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 28

Text Analytics can enable Push Methods, which can be effective #InfoExcel #AI

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 28

Promoting B2B Products is all about Targeting #InfoExcel

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 28

Most B2B marketing is “pull” method. “Push” method is possible with AI and it is more effective too. @CohanSujay #InfoExcel #IISc #Marketing

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 28

Failure point of B2B marketing – 1.No enough content, 2.No social media followers @CohanSujay #InfoExcel #IISc #Marketing

Manoj Gunasekaran ‏@ManojG20  Feb 28

People selling B2B products dont like to spend money for google ads, but like to get high ratings in search. @CohanSujay #InfoExcel #IISc


Bindu NarayanBindu Narayan, Stragetic Projects, HP Global Analytics (Preso Link)

Bindu Narayan explained how text analytics can be used to find proxy for important variables. She discussed measuring the loyalty through “Intension to Repurchase” and “Intension to Recommend”; simplifying the complex process into three actionable outcomes namely: 1. Positive, 2. Negative, 3.Neutral.

She explained and elaborated about Regular Sentiment Analysis and Use of Semantic Similarity.

Top Tweets for the session from Bindu Narayan:

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel Bindu showed how text analytics can b used 2 find proxy 4 important variables. 4 me it is an example of out of the box thinking

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel Bindu showed how text analytics can b used 2 find proxy 4 important variables. 4 me it is an example of out of the box thinking

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel I could relate well to Bindu’s session bcoz she took us through things that I do everyday

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao Feb 28

NPS – Net Promoter Score – A 10 point scaled single question on intention to recommend #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 28

Loyalty – Repurchase, Intention to Purchase, Intention to recommend #InfoExcel

Kamlesh ® ‏@kamleshrao  Feb 28

Last session from HP Team on Measuring Loyalty Real Time #InfoExcel


Top Tweets for the conference:

Nagaraj Kulkarni ‏@NagarajKulkarni  Mar 2

#InfoExcel Captivated Audience, Engaging Qns, Insightful Speakers; Many “Invaluable n Tax free” budget day takeaways!

Md.Sajid ‏@sajid_rvd  Feb 28

What an awesome way to start with my Saturday,, The seminar, content and all the speakers were flawless.. #InfoExcel

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Mar 1

#InfoExcel I am grateful to DoMS IISc team 4 hosting Business Analytics Industry Summit. I learnt a lot n I m inspired

Siddharth Dixit ‏@siddharthdixit1  Feb 28

#InfoExcel Got to learn many new things. It was interesting to c how text analytics n open source tech r being used to solve business prob

Venkat.KL ‏@VenkatKL  Feb 28

@NagarajKulkarni request you to share PPTs & other useful Links of #InfoExcel Information Excellence Business Analytics Industry Summit

Venkat.KL ‏@VenkatKL  Feb 28

@NagarajKulkarni It was good – #InfoExcel Information Excellence Business Analy

Nishank Tripathi ‏@tnishank  Feb 28

#InfoExcel It was a great experience of listening humble geeks #iisc

Nagaraj Kulkarni ‏@NagarajKulkarni  Mar 2

#infoexcel @siddharthdixit @VenkatKL @kamleshrao @ManojG20 Thank You for sharing your key learnings and takeaways from the conference

Nagaraj Kulkarni ‏@NagarajKulkarni  Mar 2

#infoexcel Thanks to all the participants for making it a proactive summit in the 2015 Spring Conference; Presos to be published by weekend

The summit hosted by the Department of Management Studies, IISc. Sincere thanks to the faculty, students and staff whose support made the summit a huge success.

IISC DoMS Dept Faculty

Volunteer Team Contributing to the Success of the Summit:

Information Excellence Group operates by Volunteers from the Industry and Academia.

The volunteer Team from IISc ensured the summit was well planned and executed, from the speaker reachout to the summit day organization ownership. Thanks to the team that did a great job on this. Thank You  Team!

Rajesh Bhat201502_IISc_DoMS Student Volunteers
Amit Kumar Sendre
Srikanth S
Karthikeyan K
Bidyot Doley
Aditi Tiwari
M Srinivas


The volunteer Duo from NIFT, Bangalore captured the memories and snapshots of the summit. Kudos to Sindhu Senthil and Mananashritha Parvati from NIFT, for finding about this unique conference and approaching the IEG Team to be Volunteer Photographers.

Thank You Sindhu and Mananashritha for capturing the summit unmindful of the full day standing and adding some fashion to this knowledge summit.

Working behind the scenes are many committed information excellence professionals, who volunteer and / or advise for the cause of building a vibrant community and ensuring the community driven knowledge share. Kudos to the volunteer team that worked closely on this summit.

Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar
K L Mukesh20150228_IEG_Volunteers
Kiran Bettadapur
Chid Kollengode
Venugopal Krishnan
Neerav Joshipura
Kanupriya Garg
Sorabh Bajaj
Siddharaj Umrani
Jagadish Puvvada
Gowthaman Basuvaraj
Raghavendra Rao H
Balasubba Raman G
Chandramouli Ramaswamy
Balaji Venkataraman

Sponsor Acknowledgement:

The Organizing Volunteer time acknowledges and thanks the sponsors for the summit, DataXu and COMPEGENCE, for the support.




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Summit Summary by Industry Participant:


Thanks to Prof BalaSubbaraman G and Dheepa K for the detailed summary notes and collation. Thank you Prasad Chitta for the summary published in the link abobe.

Engage, Support and Grow:



How can I support and contribute to the cause of Information Excellence:

From The Organizations and Institutes:

1)      Venue Support from your company for One Monthly Knowledge Share Sessions  in this Year (3:30 to 6:00 PM on Fridays  OR 10 AM to 12 Noon on Saturdays, Once a month)

2)      Subject Matter Expert Speaker Support to share he expert and emerging knowledge (in detailed, deep dive format, that helps the professionals with deployable-take-away knowledge)

3)      Host and / or Sponsor a Large format session

4)      Support with incremental sponsorship support (mementoes, raffles, welcome kits)

From The Individual Professionals:

1)      Sign up to be a volunteer, and take ownership of a whole monthly session

2)      Offer to speak, Offer to be a back up speaker

3)      Communicate and engage your fellow practitioners and your company

4)      Contribute with your expertise to share and speak

5)      Active contribution to the KnowBase on the informationexcellence site

6)      Volunteers with commitmen to drive these activities further to next level

2015 Spring Conference: 24 Hours Countdown for the Knowledge Feast by informationexcellence
February 27, 2015, 7:10 am
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01 / March / 2015 Update:

Great Summit yesterday with many insightful take aways.

Attendees who made notes; please share your takeaways on this postor on the linkedin group http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Information-Excellence-3893869

The presentations and photos will be uploaded and links shared on the blogsite and linkedin group post speaker approvals for sharing.

Thank you for prioritizing to invest your day getting the “non perishable knowledge harvest” on this budget day; and contributing to the conference success.

Best Regards,

from the Volunteer Team



Thanks to the community support and confidence as always, we are houseful, with many aspirants waitlisted.

Look forward to seeing you all on Sarurday (tomorrow) morning at 9 AM Sharp. Expect Parking challenges (and carpool or take public transport where possible), as it is also a IISc Open House and there will be lot of visitors to IISc.

PS: We are seeing somebody to take care of the Google Hangout Live Sharing, do advise if you can take ownership. Please get in touch with your number asap.

1) Please plan to be at Venue by 8:45; to account for the registration process. If you are visiting Satish Dhawan Auditorium for the first time, good idea to be there by 8:30 so you will not get lost.

2) Please bring a Govt or Company or College issued ID Proof, for the Security purpose.

3)No need to get any eventbrite ticket or printout. When you come in, Walk to the Table that is handling your registration in the Alpha Order of your first name, If you have registered, your name will be on the list and you will be able to enter the Auditorium.

4) If you have a digital Camera and dont mind clicking few pictures, please get one along and you can help share them (and also try out your Amateur photography skills)

5) Have your twitter account ready, and leverage the #infoexcel keyword to tweet about what you learn, like and enjoy in the session.

6) Note: We look forward to your collaborative support at the venue in making this volunteer driven event a success. Venue Directions:

Venue Details to Satish Dhawan Auditorium in IISc Campus

The Auditorium is adjacent to J N Tata Auditorium, across the street from the main Campus.

1.If you are coming from Mekhri Circle towards Yashwantpur, You will cross the Sadashivanagar Police Station Traffic Light Junction. Continue past this junction, and take the first left into a Large Iron Gate that enters into the HV Engineering Department of IISc (There is Security Post at the Gate). Make Right after the Gate and Security and Volunteers will guide you to the Venue.

2. If you hit J N Tata Auditorium to your left, you can take that entrance, park there and walk across the fence (there is a small gate at the back left corner of the fence) to the Satish Dhawan Auditorium

3.If you are coming from the Sankey Tank or Malleshwaram Side, Enter from the Backside Gate of IISc, adjacent to the Maramma Temple (Huge Temple Gopuram, cant miss it), and the Venue 180 degree behind the building you see as you enter through this Gate.

4.If you are lost, ask for Satish Dhawan Auditorium or Management Studies Department. It is just after the Subway road that connects the two sides of the campus, on the other side of the Prakruthi restaurant.

Look forward to seeing you at the Summit.

Information Excellence Group Volunteer Team.

2015 Spring Conference Banner

2015 Spring Conference Speakers and Your Ask by informationexcellence
February 13, 2015, 10:55 am
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As you are getting ready for the Knowledge Feast in the Business Analytics Industry Summit on Feb 28th, Here is the Speaker and Topic Aerial View.

Do you have a pre-question to the speakers? Do you have a suggestion to the speakers? Do post your requests and questions to speakers as a comment to this post or at the linkedin group

2015 Spring Conference SpeakersDetailed Schedule

Speaker Profiles and Topic Abstract

Venue Details to Satish Dhawan Auditorium in IISc Campus

Registration Link

Also, Would You Like to Contribute to the Spirit of “Information Excellence” and help shape and grow its interpretation and impact?

You are very welcome to Contribute your One Slider on “Information Excellence To Me Is…..”; It is your vision and interpretation of the term “Information Excellence”.

See the other thought leaders’ statements on the topic at

A template is available for your reference at the link, you can download, fill in your slide and email it to us

Consolidated Slide Deck will be published post conference on slideshare.net/iformationexcellence with attributions to authors